Valuing life

Our mission is to inspire people to value their life.

Our Values

To fulfill our purposeful mission, we cannot get distracted by 'regression to mean'. Hence, we try to function by a strict and regretful set of values. We embody them within our company and through our partnerships we work with. These values form the foundation of our culture.

We build products and platforms that


We apply Lean Startup & Empirical principles to build products and platforms.

Gritstone Technologies LLC is a product engineering firm, where we turn proof-of-concepts into a market-ready products, and scale them to achieve value and business goals.

Design Thinking

User Experiance / Ethnography

Lean Agile

Right Technology

Validate product market fit with FASTER Time to Market

Our Products

We're focused on Education/Employment, Financial Services, Healthcare.
Your requirement doesn't fall in cited domains?

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We are proud of


We celebrate people who are dreamers and believe that imagination is the limit.

Our purposeful mission have the ability to bring people together. We are always looking for talents who can become part of our mission and expand the horizon of value. Our hefty mission requires taking a road of less travelled, which gives tremendous opportunities to experience and stretch our skills beyond comfort. Come onboard…


Partnering With

Gritstone Technologies LLC is a trusted partner to MuleSoft. MuleSoft provides integration software for connecting applications, data and devices. Gritstone Technologies LLC dramatically increases the success of API-led projects and decrease the implementation time and cost by applying lean product/platform engineering practices.